Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) service covers the detection, identification, on-site evaluation, rendering safe, recovery, and final disposal of unexploded explosive ordnance. It may also include explosive ordnance which has become hazardous by damage or deterioration.

We are working both on land and at water – from water level for small depths (rivers, ponds etc.) and under water on the sea. We are working with:

  • professional, micro-processor controlled pulse-induction metal detectors
  • professional compact handheld one-channel magnetometers for detection of ferromagnetic objects in small areas
  • professional push-cart five-channel magnetometer system for the detection of ferromagnetic objects in small and medium sized areas. Equipped with the RTK DGPS this system allows geo referenced measurements of the survey area
  • professional vehicle-towed sixteen-channel magnetometer system for the detection of ferromagnetic objects in large areas. Equipped with the RTK DGPS this system allows geo referenced measurements of the survey area
  • professional high precision three-axis borehole measurement system with two probes that measure the X, Y and Z axis. The borehole measurement system combines the advantages of a highly dynamic three-axial magnetometers and the easy handling of a compact gradiometer system

Measured data are processed and evaluated on the specialized PC system allowing printing maps with interpreted anomalies and localization of objects using RTK DGPS system with centimetre accuracy.


Pyrotechnic security is the branch aimed to preventively protecting of lives, health and property. In today’s world there is daily danger of explosives abuse for illegal activities, either for terrorism or for organized crime. We offer pyrotechnic risks identification and pyrotechnic protection of buildings, facilities, equipment, cars etc. from theoretical consultations with some practical demonstrations to tailored field training and security audit.

Training of specialized dogs forms an integral part of our service. Explosive Detector Dogs are trained to perform at state of the art levels in all facets of the skill of explosive detection using the positive reward system. Our dogs are trained to smell the explosive and indicate to the handler by assuming an unassisted "sit" position. Training is focused to search explosives, as well as intoxicant and psychotropic substances (narcotics), tissues of human remains, living humans and other interest odors.


All types of blasting works for structures destructions and for traffic and structural engineering, from standard technological procedures to special controlled presplit blasting; practically any fragmentation of cracked material; absolutely safe progress of seismic load for both around and structure of object against using of demolition hammers; dismantling and demolition of old structures and technologies; demolition of steel, concrete, reinforced-concrete, brick, stone and other hard to disrupt structure elements; complete project management; supply of explosives and detonators from own warehouse and/or using emulsion delivery trucks.

Destruction of all types of metal structures and structure elements hard to disrupt, when using typical technological procedures. Special destruction works using specific, individually optimized shaped charges, functioning on principle of maximal performed work by minimal spent energy. This system provides high efficiency and safety simultaneously. Complete project management. This technology is optimal for both industry areas and hard accessible terrain (e.g. pylons for high voltage electric lines, pylons and carrying cables of rope-ways etc.).